Ever traveled somewhere great for a short period of time, then upon returning home spend the next few days, weeks, perhaps months, in a state of reverie – wistfully recalling all the good memories? If you said yes, you’ll understand what this blog is about.

I’ve had wonderful opportunities to travel (and live) around the world since I was a child, and even more so when I moved to Hong Kong a few years ago . . . . . and then started working for a company that’s all about travel (by the way, Hong Kong is a great launching pad to see the world!). I’ve visited just over 20 countries to date, and the more I travel, the more I want to see.

I love to walk and wander and discover. I take a whole bunch of photos at each destination, and when I get back home, the reverie starts – so this is that reverie in blog form.

A few things to clarify, just in case you get a little confused about the blog:

  1. This is not a traditional travel / food blog. I don’t review or rate places / accommodation / restaurants and I will not highlight all the things that are wrong with a place (we’re all trying our best to make a living, right? And people have different levels of standards anyway). The meaning of reverie implies that if I’ve included it in my blog, I’ve had a good experience with it!
  2. This is primarily a visual blog of moments and scenes, with little narrative. However I will include some recommendations, as well as locations and relevant links. That being said, I’m happy to provide tips or answer questions, so If you have any questions about the location in the post, please don’t be afraid to ask through the comments and I’ll get back to you.
  3. None of the locations / places featured on my blog have been sponsored.
  4. I’ve taken my two daughters to most of the destinations I’ve featured here, so I would say over 90% of the locations / places on the blog are kid & family friendly.
  5. I make no claims about the quality or creativity of my photos! Photos from 2016 and before were taken with a camera and my iPhone; photos from about mid-2016 onwards were taken on my trusty iPhone. And yes, I do love to use filters! Inspired by the words of Annie Leibovitz:

I am so not a technical photographer. What camera are you using? If that’s what you’re thinking about, you’re not taking pictures. Take the camera, go out in the world. Find a way to tell a story that’s important to you.

I also post about travel, as well as everyday life on my Instagram (link in the menu).

Thanks for popping in and looking around! I hope you’ll find some inspiration to explore and discover more, travel more, take more photos, and savour your reverie!